Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Felt....like thinking ahead.

Okay, I know that some people begin their holiday planning in June, but for me late September is way way ahead of my usual schedule (I've always derived a certain frenetic pleasure in buying gifts mainly in the few days just before Christmas.)  At any rate, my goals for this holiday season are:
1. To make most of my gifts.
2. Those which I don't make will be handmade by others.
3. And those which aren't "gifts" in the tangible sense will be donations to charities.

Certainly making gifts requires a bit of planning and time.  Perhaps it's time to put holiday frenzy aside and embrace a bit of grace and organization.  Time then, also to begin to look for items in category two.
I've been trolling the depths of Felt, finding heaps of desirables -- so many, that the pressure is certainly off should I get too busy to make as many gifts as I'd like. This showcase is a combination of things I'd like to get others and a wishlist for myself (ahem, significant other - feel free to take note!)