Saturday, November 13, 2010

This Saturday I'm Grateful For.....

 :: Freshly baked bread and freshly cut flowers....these two simple things make me feel so nourished and happy.

:: My new camera!  Over the past few moths my trusty old Cannon slowly withered away until it really and truly completely died.  Seeing this possibility looming in the future, I've been saving up my points in a reward-card system we use and was able to order a new camera (A Fuji Finepix) at absolutely no cost.  It arrived today and it has been so much fun figuring it out.  A lot has changed in the five years since I bought my first digital camera.

:: Eating outdoors.  Pasta primavera, do your worst - - we just hose down the table (and the kids) afterward.

:: An amazing garden-boosting concoction that was recommended by our good friends in Denmark (hi Ben and Jane!)  Simply fill a bucket with grass clippings, then submerge in water.  Leave for a minimum of two weeks (N.B. Unless you want you or your loved ones smelling like the Bog of Eternal Stench, you'll definitely want to use gloves when handling this and keep away from curious pets or children.)  Remove grass clippings and pour liquid into a plastic jug (a used milk container works well.)  Dilute with water 15:1 and spray on the soil around your plants as a natural super-fertilizer.  My husband swears our vegetables grew overnight!

I'm happy to be joining in with the gorgeous Maxabella Loves....  Hope you have much to be grateful for this weekend as well.  xx