Friday, September 3, 2010

Felt like Friday

It's been a while since I had the pleasure of browsing my fellow Felters -- and a true pleasure it is!  As always, I am amazed by the array of talent harbored by the New Zealand craft world.  My theme for this showcase: just a little peek into my fantasy shopping habit.  Do you ever do this?  Sometimes I check out big online shops and load every little thing I fancy into my cart.  Of course, I never actually click "purchase" -- hence all of the fun, none of the guilt (or debt.)  When I fantasy shop on Felt, I simply put everything into my "Favorites" or my "Wishlist" baskets (I don't actually load up my cart because I fear it might interfere with some other lucky shopper's purchase.) For this showcase I transferred a few of my most favorite-favorite things over to share with all of you.  My showcase this week features fabulous items from PBS Homemades, Honey Design, Mum of Twins, Plan-B, Jacolily, Bean Bags, Cool Crib, Honey n Spice, Moki Designs, The Busy Finch, Leaf, and Nezumi.  Enjoy!