Saturday, September 11, 2010

Felt Aid

Today I began to see a few new listings on Felt crop up under the shop name "Felt Aid."  Curious, I investigated further and found that Lucy, Sarah and Ana from Felt....Like Something Different had created a blog and had begun fund-raising to help out the people of Christchurch, where a major earthquake hit just a week ago.

This, from an email that was sent out to the Felt community:

In the immediate aftermath of the devastating earthquake here in Christchurch, NZ on Saturday September 4th, no doubt many people's minds turned to how they could help out - this response was no different among those of the Felt community.... Ideas generated conversation, that was soon made into a cohesive plan, that eventuated in the creation of FeltAid and its accompanying blog "Felt like helping out".

In short, FeltAid is the culmination of an entire crafty minded community's creativity and of their desires to help out the best way they know how - by getting their craft on and donating the proceeds to a very worthy cause! And of course what could make a community of craftisans happier than being able to help out by doing what comes most naturally. 

Hurrah! And amen.  This is a bandwagon I am thrilled to jump on.  Helping out always feels good, but being craft- and community-related, this effort feels especially satisfying.  I was happy to submit a donation of an Organic Seed Pod Sleep Gown.

You can find the link for the listing here.  Heaps of great stuff has been donated by other Felters, so take your time and have a good look around.  If you would make your own donation, visit the donations site here.  All proceeds will go to the New Zealand Red Cross.

A wonderful thing to be a part of -- go Felt Aid!  Wouldn't it be awesome if Felt Aid continued as a fund-raising effort for different global issues after the crisis in Christchurch has been resolved?  Perhaps the recipients could rotate each month.  So much good to be done!

Come Inside

Yesterday I took advantage of a quiet afternoon and an extra long nap-time to clean out the studio.  Since I really thrive in a well-organized space, it didn't take long before I felt needed a big clean out.  I was able to make things work a bit better for me -- putting away supplies I rarely use, making space for things I like to keep in arms-reach, and putting a few use-all-the-time tools up on the wall where I can always get to them.  While everything was looking extra tidy, I thought I'd take a few photos to share with you.

It was exciting to send a package with a few organic kimono all-in-ones off to a very new baby this morning.  I always love to imagine the beautiful little ones that will wear the clothing I make -- a small but special connection.

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.