Friday, August 20, 2010

The Label Solution

Well....hopefully.  Since starting Seedling Clothing in January, I've struggled a bit with how to do labels for my hand-printed baby clothing; I want something professional and polished, yet not overly time-consuming.  Because I don't sew the clothing itself, it seemed silly to cut out the existing tags and sew in my own.  There had to be a better way, right?  I've been searching for something like a textile stamp for a while -- to no avail.  I finally found this listing on etsy for retail-grade iron-on labels.  The description sounds just perfect, so fingers crossed that they are equally good in person.  Since the specs for the labels seemed so specific, I thought it best to hire a graphic designer (about $15.00 US for the design with unlimited edits from Color Fiesta Graphics, also on Etsy) to help with the layout.  I feel happy with the results, though I will say it can be hard to convey specific ideas about spacing, etc. over email without feeling really really fussy. 

I like the simplicity, and I love the fantail.  I wonder though, if something more seedling-ish (ie the graphic from my grass design) would work better?  Ah, well.  I'm happy to have found a "for now" solution to the tag dilemma.  And just in time, too.  We'll be home in a week!  Can't wait to get back into the studio.