Saturday, October 2, 2010

Another Saturday Night....

It's Saturday night.  What am I doing?  I'm listening to a favorite podcast, I'm baking a double batch of bread, I'm cleaning out and organizing my pantry, I'm playing around with this awesome new application I've just discovered (oh and this one too!  I'm feeling a bit out of the loop; is everyone else already aware of these things?), and I'm writing out a list for our first-ever attempt at a monthly grocery shop. 

Quiet, peaceful, perfect.

Now off to curl up in bed to savor the last quarter of this amazing novel I've been meaning to read for ages....I'm so glad I finally plucked it off the shelf.

Taking it easy on the Seedling front for a few days....the family is recovering from a bout of flu, Solomon's afternoon program is on break for another week, and I think it's best to plan on focusing my energies elsewhere.

See you in a few days....