Monday, November 29, 2010

At My House....'s feeling a lot like summer.  Windows thrown open, kiddie pool out, trips to the beach, and today my first attempt at homemade yogurt pops.  So easy!  So healthy!  Definitely a new seasonal staple.

And I finished heat-setting my order for My Baby and Me -- I so love working with MBAM.  The quality of their clothing is amazing and I love the practicality and ease of kimono-style closures on these little newborn onesies.

I did 12 kimonos in all, but only photographed 10 since two of the prints repeated.  Looking forward to sending these off tomorrow and getting to work on a few kimono prints in bigger sizes for the Nelson market on Saturday.

Happy to be joining in with Lou's blog today -- go visiting and see what other crafty bloggers are up to here.