Monday, October 18, 2010

At My House....

 ....we've been extra busy.  My husband and I have some big news (no, we're not pregnant)....we're in the process of buying a gardening/landscaping business!  This is the first time we've undertaken anything like this, so it's a really exciting step to take.  You know, mildly terrifying, but mostly exciting.

As part of the whole business-buying experience, we've been treking to lawyers, the tax department, banks, business advisors - - the lot.  And of course the kids have been making the same rounds.  We've learned which toys to bring with us, how to switch off taking notes/racing after an errant and stair-bound baby, and that the folks at the law office are pretty understanding if a wayward pen ends up meeting a wide and tempting expanse of desk.  Truly, the kids have been troopers -- they've done as well as any one- and three- year old could be expected to after so much time spent with serious and distracted adults.

Because tensions have sometimes run high (who me, stress?) I've found that we've had a need for a bit of extra playtime recently.  Running around, bouncing on beds, tickling, and just giving in to total silliness and mayhem.

So good to let off some steam and play!

And speaking of's my pleasure to play along with the Buttons by Lou Lou blog.  If you have the time, it's lovely to go visiting and see what everyone else is up to at their homes today....

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