Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Creative Space: Texting

During this trip, I've become well acquainted with "text" mode on my camera.  It produces photos with deep contrasts and rich colors -- to be honest I've been using it for more than text (see all of the photos from my previous post, for instance.)  But it's also inspired me to pay attention to far more everyday fonts than I normally would.  Here are a collection of just a few from the past several weeks.

Coincidentally, I've been working on the design of a new label for Seedling Clothing and have been checking out the wealth of inspiration available (and free to download) at  Overwhelming and amazing, both.  I'll share the new label design with you when it's all completed.

Ps, don't you love "Welcome to Freshness?"  I should have that one hanging over my desk.  And my favorite of these, by far is the first -- the 1930's era furnace still going strong in the basement here.   Beautiful....

Pps, check out many more amazing creatives and their spaces over on Kootoyoo.  I'm happy to be joining in this week - - it's been a while....!