Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy Purple Cake Day!!

March 1st marks the first annual Purple Cake Day throughout New Zealand.  Do you know about Purple Cake Day?  It was begun by Emily Sanson-Rejouis in conjunction with her charity, the Kenbe La Foundation as an effort to "....celebrate the children in our lives and empower them to help other children in need worldwide."  Today in Nelson all of the schools are holding events to fund-raise for the children of Haiti and to help build a school there.  In the wake of New Zealand's own devastating earthquake just a week ago, some of the funds raised will also go to help the children of Christchurch. 

Purple Cake day is especially close to our hearts because Emily is a member of our Montessori community.  She lost her husband and two oldest daughters in the Haiti quake; her surviving daughter is Solomon's classmate.  I've been holding Emily and her family in my thoughts in the weeks leading up to this event.  It was wonderful to see so many Nelsonians dressed in purple today, and to dance and sing along with "The Purple Cake Day Song" at Montessori -- it felt as though the community was unified, supporting Emily and her work wholeheartedly.

The students will be talking about the lives of children worldwide this week and will be discussing their hopes and wishes for those less fortunate than they.  What a wonderful opportunity to expand our children's perspective and to engage them in helping others within their community and beyond.

I've also been searching for ways to help with the Christchurch relief effort.  It's hard to believe, as our lives go on as normal, that just five hours down the road it will take a very long time for "normal" to resume.  My heart breaks for the lives that have been lost in the earthquake and for all of the families and children there.  New Zealand's spirit is strong and it's strength as a community unparalleled.  I know that we will come together to help the city of Christchurch as much as is humanly possible.

I'll be auctioning off some of my pieces through either the Lil'Magoolie ChCharity Auction or the Handmade for Christchurch site (or perhaps both!) soon -- more details to come.

If you'd like to learn more about Purple Cake Day, follow the link here.

I hope that all of you and your loved ones are safe and well.  x Jen

ps, Alas, it only occurred to me to make Solomon's t-shirt late yesterday afternoon.  Next year, I'll get my act together and make a few more as an additional fund raising effort for Purple Cake Day through Montessori.  I'm so glad that this will be an annual event!