Monday, June 7, 2010

Come On In....

As promised, a few photos of the studio.    I'm still just settling in, but having this space is amazing.  I can get totally lost in what I'm doing, listen to whatever playlist I'm fixating on at the moment, or even just sit (!) and think a bit.

And there you have it -- the grand tour: my desk, blackboard, shelves, Valentine from S, ironing board with an order ready to go out, and a framed copy of a note my grandfather wrote and kept in his wallet throughout his life.   Ta-da!  Simple, small, wonderful.  And mine all mine.  How amazing to have a "room of one's own" in the midst of a life in which even taking a shower can easily turn into full-family affair.  

Speaking of which....may as well go enjoy some of that space now.  6 pm and the kids are in bed!  Time to get a bit of work done.  xx