Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Creative Space

Oh, I am loving my time out in the studio these days.  When I finally get out there, it's usually after 8 -- but lo and behold, there's still a hint of daylight in the sky.  The air smells fresh, and all is peaceful and quiet.  A few friendly hedgehogs poke around on the borders of the yard.    I've been on a bit of a podcast blitz as well.  I've been listening to episode after episode of This American Life.  Have you heard of it?  It's classified as a radio journal and the premise is that every week a theme is chosen and stories that are variants on that theme are explored.  Quite simply, it's brilliant.  I often stay out in the studio after I'm done working just so that I can finish listening to an episode.  I'm sure all of you mamas out there (stay-at-home or otherwise) appreciate what I mean when I say that I crave social and cultural stimulation.  TAL (among a few other podcasts, like Radio Lab) help provide that for me.  If you haven't yet had the pleasure of listening, find This American Life here, and Radio Lab here.  You can stream all of the programs directly from the sites.  Working in the studio + listening to a podcast is for me, multitasking in the best way.

Anyway.  Here's what I've been up to:  Lots of prints, including some very satisfying new mosaics (each of which is one-of-a-kind.)  Still building up stock though unfortunately, I won't be at the Nelson Market this Saturday.  My stall-mate has had something important come up, so we're aiming for next Saturday, November 6th instead.

I have the pleasure of playing along with Kootoyoo today.  If you have the time, check out many other creatives and their spaces here.