Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dye! Dye! Dye! (Part 2)

What can I say?  I'm hooked on dyeing.  Spend $15.00 to transform a bunch of sad, stained, but generally sturdy garments into beautifully renewed and beautifully hued new wearables?  Heck, yes!  Take the above -- grimy white booties, a lovely but see-through skirt, a splotched top...add a few items that were sadly stained by an errant red dishcloth....All are things that it seems silly to get rid of, but probably wouldn't even be accepted by Goodwill in their current state.  Dye to the rescue!  I went with the pricier i-Dye from the get-go this time, having learned my lesson about cheaper dyes during my earlier forays.

Olive green is one of my favorite colors; even though I really loaded the machine up with clothing, the end result was a wonderful, deep green.  The darker color was a good choice for covering up more persistent stains.

Such an easy, satisfying project.  With the i-Dye, the washing machine does all of the work for you --   pulling your clothing out at the end is a bit like Christmas.   It always feels good to find a way to continue to use something rather than discard it at the first sign of trouble.  Me: 1, household stains and red dishcloths: 0.