Monday, October 4, 2010

At My House....

....we've been working on this house!

The latest treasure from the flea market, I picked up this sturdy, handmade doll's house for a scant ten dollars over the weekend.  I happened to arrive just as its seller unloaded and I pounced, inordinately excited by my good luck and timing.  As a little girl, doll houses completely captured my imagination and I loved creating small spaces of my own (call it pre-nesting.)  I've so been looking forward to this kind of play!

The kids and I spent some time removing the stickers that the previous owner had liberally decorated with and cleaned up good thick layer of dust and grime before we moved it indoors.  Last night, I pulled the sewing machine from where it's been malaising under my desk in the studio and got to work.  I made a bed set with dual-sided covers, a pillow, and a carpet.  Simple, but a beginning.  I can't wait to get some test-pots of paint for the interior and exterior, make some curtains, and begin to look for more wooden furniture.

By the way, I'm so happy to be back into sewing!  I managed to finish a few items on my Christmas to-do list, hem a pair of pants, and make a little tunic for a doll who has been sadly under-dressed for some time.  I think when I get too far out of the habit of sewing (and this applies to other things too, like yoga or running) I build up a certain amount of anticipation and anxiety around them; amazing how quickly that disappears and I think, "This feels awesome; I should do it more often."  Hey, sewing is fun!  Not scary.  I think I'll take the week off from doing prints and leave my machine out in the place of pride in the middle of the desk -- it's incredible how satisfying ticking off a few long-procrastinated projects can be.

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