Sunday, October 17, 2010

Thank Goodness It's Sunday

 This Sunday, I'm feeling grateful for:

:: The dusky light as I walked out to my studio this evening.  And the way the studio retained the day's heat so that even as it got a bit chilly outside, I was warm and snug in my little room.

:: An episode of family tickle-time this afternoon.  That sort of breathless, snorting, long laughter is such a balm....

:: The chance to go running when the clouds cleared.  If I get out even once or twice a week, I'm feeling happy.

:: Completing the tasks of organizing the junk drawer, the bathroom cabinet, and sorting the toy boxes by type.  Sisyphean?  Perhaps, but it still feels good.  And lo and behold, my 3 year old asking "What else can we organize?"  Truly.

:: The outrageous blossoming that is happening everywhere outside.  Spring, spring, spring!

Hope you have had a weekend filled with small happinesses also.