Saturday, May 22, 2010

Just one giveaway after another around here!

It has been incredibly exciting to connect with so many new people via the Sew, Mama, Sew giveaway.  Amazing!  Thank you so much all of you fans, likers, readers, and followers -- it's wonderful to "meet" you through your comments and your own blogs.

To celebrate and to show you how much I appreciate each one of you, I want to hold another giveaway, this time via my Felt shop.  All you need to do to enter is visit my shop and leave a comment here on the blog about which piece of organic baby-wear you like best, and why you'd like to win it.  For extra credit, feel free to also comment on a print you might like to see in the future.  (I'm about to get a bunch of new stock, and I'd love to try out some fresh designs.)  The winner will be drawn randomly by the random number generator and will win their selected item.   Simply comment in the next week, and I will post the winner here on the 30th of May.  This giveaway is open internationally.  Everyone welcome!

Good luck!


vintagequeen - nina said...

hi jen!
you're doing a fantastic job!
with two little ones around, quite incredible :)
i myself have two small kids at home, too. my daughter is 3 1/4 years, my son 17 months. i just starting to work - i'm a designer.

i love your work, nice patterns!
i love the poppy pattern as i love poppies.. i even had them on my wedding dress. but i also like the grass design and my kids like the plane and the little bird design.
they asked for a parrot - maybe this a new design idea?
my daughter also wanted to know if you have any daisies.. maybe a daisy chain design? i would like that!
kind regards, nina

vintagequeen - nina said...

about the giveaway..
i like the sleeping gown cut and the rompers.
i would love to win anything with the grass or poppy design, but i'm afraid they wouldn't fit my kids' size.. but we're planning to have another baby in the future.
thanks for the chance to win one of your one of a kind designs!


Seedling said...

Hi Nina! Thank you so much for your feedback! Those are great ideas....Also, did you see that you've won the merino scarf giveaway? Yay!! Congratulations!!

Best, Jen

vintagequeen - nina said...

oh my god!
i just scrolled down and there it was!!
my name! i won your giveaway :)!!
thank you SO much!

♥ we are that excited ♥

thank you, thank you!.. i can't say it enough
we'll be in touch :)
have a nice day.. nina

Lotsie said...

I love yor patterns very much, they are zo cute! (I think I already post it somewhere)
I'm pregnant of my first, still 16 weeks to go.
I like the planes and this one (Seaglass Organic Sleeping )
Now, fingers crossed!

Cami said...

Hello! I like the blossom organic. I would love to see anything with elephants on it. :)I am pregnant with my second child.. our first girl due in Aug.
Cute stuff in your store!

Nadescha said...

hi jen!
i really love the products you are making! i think i like the poppy organic aio the best (also pictured in your blog). i am expecting my first baby in november, and i don't know yet whether it will be a girl or a boy, so i thought this one would be nice and gender neutral :-) i also really like the seaglass design, but would prefer the onesie style. anyhow, i would really love the win this cute little item! it would be our first piece of baby clothing :-) thanks for being so generous!
(kiwi living in vienna :-)
email: mail(at)cheekyapple(dot)com

Relique Vintage Jewellery said...

Hey Jen, so you already know I am a big fan of yours! I just love your vibrant designs. In your shop at the mo I love the Blossom Organic all in one. If I was the lucky winner I would gift it to my friend who has sadly recently become a single mum and is finding it tough with a rapidly growing baby boy. As for a new design - I love sunflowers - bright and smiley just like the little bodies that would wear them :) All the best, Julia.

Seaside Siblings said...

Great giveaway. I like the Poppy AIO because it is so sweet and reminds me of summer even in this cold wintery weather we are having at the moment. I would like to win it so that my second little girl could have something brand new to wear rather than a hand me down. As for new designs, I love kiwiana so spirals, jandals, kiwifruit.

Stella said...

Oh I love that Eagle romper, my favourite!!! Ideas... Well, I personally don't think hot air balloons ever get old, I'm a real sucker for any hot air balloon design...

Tara said...

I love the little hen tee! All of them are beyond cute, but we have 5 chickens and so it would be so appropriate! Thanks so much for the chance to win again! Looking forward to seeing what you're working on!

Stephanie said...

I absolutely adore the little bird one. It's so beautiful. I'd like to see more with woodland creatures on them I think that would be nice. Like Squirrels or Bears.

Thanks for the giveaway.
Have a good weekend
Stephanie - atchisonsteph(at)gmail(dot)come

Cal said...

I like the all the red blooms and also what looks like dandelion seeds. I noticed you have a few bird prints, I like the hen, and would suggest an owl too.
I like that your prints look very fresh.

going kiwi said...

Lovely work! I especially like the Seed Pod Aio and the Organic Aio. Very unique and simple. The grass romper just caught my eye too. Hard choice they are gorgeous.

Libby said...

My fav is the poppies AIO. I've be seeing poppues all over the place lately, so pretty and fresh!

thanks for the chance!

T.J. said...

I couldn't pick just one, but I narrowed it down to 3:
Organic AIO - so cheerful & cute, love the sage green
Bloom Organic Sleep Gown - this looks perfect to fall asleep in, love the blooming flowers
Fantail Organic AIO - combines my love of my baby with my love of birds, again, love the sage green color

T.J. said...

I'd like to see more bird print silhouettes in the future - eg, chickadee, hummingbird, wild turkey, Canadian honker, etc. Love them!

Seedling said...

These are all great ideas! I'm feeling so inspired. Can't wait to get set up in my new *studio* and get to work.....Thank you all for your feedback and comments!

Moa said...

Your prints are all really lovely, I wish I had the talent to print myself. I really like the simplicity yet detail of the grass pattern. My son would really love the planes though knowing him ;)

Moa said...

maybe a helicopter or a truck pattern would go well with the boys as well.

I really like owls and maybe even bumbelbees or dragonflies :)

Beetle said...

My favorite item from your shop (well, really, I love them all) is the Fantail onsie in sage green. Your baby wear are really works of art! These are some of the most interesting and gorgeous baby clothes I've ever seen.

Beetle said...

I'm glad to read that you use a printing method so that the prints really last! That was my one big worry about your merchandise. So ideas for new prints ... I'm seeing African animals (lions, giraffes, elephants, etc) popping up everywhere in the babystuff world. This would be a bit of a departure from what you're doing now, but I could see you doing an elephant or a giraffe silhouette similar to the bird silhouettes you have now.
thorandellie AT gmail DOT com

Cadi said...

Uhhhhh!!! Ahhhh!!! i'm drooling. How pretty everything is. It's so hard to make a pick. I'm gonna go for my favorite color, green, though. I just love the Fantail Organic AIO. As for future designs, I'd love to see the 'traditional' kiwi on somethin' brown. Much love to you. How sweet to have a giveaway.

Seedling said...

Thank you to all of you -- your comments have totally made my day! It's so wonderful to get feedback - - It's amazing to hear your opinions, ideas and thoughts.

Beetle, yes, the prints don't show any sign of wear....I've been making t-shirts and the like for family and friends for years now and it's really gratifying to see how well they last! It's handy to have my own team of testers here as well :)

I think more birds and animals are definitely in the cards...I'll certainly let you all know when I unveil a few new designs!

Thanks again -- hope you're all having wonderful Mondays (or Sundays, depending where in the world you might be.) xox

Sara said...

I love the Bloom Organic Sleep Gown! My baby is due to arrive in December and it's been hard finding cute gender-neutral garments. I think this adorable design fits the bill!

(I decided to do a post Giveaway Day giveaway too! I was too busy with morning sickness to make anything for GD this year!)

Sara said...

And as for a new design, I'd like to see prints that include various kinds of bugs - I'd be curious to see your take on that idea. What a cute idea for a baby boy!

Seedling said...

Oooh, yes -- I love bug prints. I've done beetles and a cricket in the past. I'll have to do a few sketches. Thanks Sara! I'll check out your giveaway too.

imba said...

I love the Fantail Organic AIO (12-18 mo) you've got listed on Felt.
Your work caught my eye as soon as i saw you on Felt, and from Felt I searched you out on the blogosphere and have been following your blog ever since. I have a daughter who I know would love to wear the fantail AIO, and I've just made her some little pants that'd co-ordinate so well. I love that you're making organic products - and your screen prints are really beautiful.
I really like your natural themes, and think that following these is definitely the way to continue. Perhaps a koru (newborn, welcome to the world) sleeping gown?

Seedling said...

Wow, Imba, thank you! The feeling is definitely mutual -- I noticed your gorgeous designs and impeccable sewing as soon as I began listing on Felt. Oh, to someday be able to sew like you! I especially love your merino hoodies. Just beautiful. Thank you so much for the feedback and suggestion!

Frangipani said...

Lucky-I just saw your reminder about entering this competition. I would love to win the fantail all in one because fantails are an all time favourite of mine. I'm drawn to anything with fantails printed on it. Fingers crossed:)

Little Kiwi Chick said...

Ooh, I had just been looking at your blog the other day and followed the link to your Felt shop, but I must have missed the competition post! I'm glad you posted a reminder! I love, love, LOVE the green all-in-one with the fantail print on it. I am expecting my first child in about 3 weeks, so it would be perfect for her :o) I love fantails and the picture on your blog profile is what drew me to your blog to begin with! It is a stunning print! Your garments are beautiful.

Little Kiwi Chick said...

Oh, and an idea for a future print... a squirrel! :o)