Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Felt....like thinking ahead.

Okay, I know that some people begin their holiday planning in June, but for me late September is way way ahead of my usual schedule (I've always derived a certain frenetic pleasure in buying gifts mainly in the few days just before Christmas.)  At any rate, my goals for this holiday season are:
1. To make most of my gifts.
2. Those which I don't make will be handmade by others.
3. And those which aren't "gifts" in the tangible sense will be donations to charities.

Certainly making gifts requires a bit of planning and time.  Perhaps it's time to put holiday frenzy aside and embrace a bit of grace and organization.  Time then, also to begin to look for items in category two.
I've been trolling the depths of Felt, finding heaps of desirables -- so many, that the pressure is certainly off should I get too busy to make as many gifts as I'd like. This showcase is a combination of things I'd like to get others and a wishlist for myself (ahem, significant other - feel free to take note!)



Anonymous said...

I have one of the unlined journals from baka! They are gorgeous. And I love the felt food.

Christine said...

I'm doing the same thing at the mo....if you don't start planning & making the gifts early there is just no time left.

Have a very cute topsy turvy in the pipeline for my daughter, as well as some cute hair accessory sets for my little cousins :)

Seedling said...

Helen, I love those journals too - -I think that may be one of those "One for me, one for you..." items.

Christine, sounds like you're very organized! I'd love to share what I've got up my sleeve, but my family takes Christmas secrecy very seriously (and I know they read the blog from time to time.) So I'll have to stay very hush-hush for now....perhaps I'll plan for a post-holiday-post and divulge some of the craftiness.


Katharine Noel said...

yes, please. all of these.

Seedling said...

Kat, aren't they awesome? I really like that Felt is far more manageable and browse-able (than Etsy, I suppose) -- better for finding all the amazing craftiness within! xox