Sunday, March 14, 2010

This Week: Projects

This was one of those weeks where sick kids, nap-less babies, and things liked dental appointments (in other words: life) prevailed.  When I finally got one child to bed, the other one inevitably woke.  Thus, work was eeked out in tiny increments -- 10 minutes here, 20 minutes there.  Fortunately, the bibs I began last week are an easy crafting fix.  Bibs, bibs, and more bibs.  How many does one baby need?  Probably not nearly as many as I've made.  However, they'll make great gifts, and I'm sure a few will end up with a new nephew soon enough.

All those bibs have left a lot of leftover fabric scraps.....with winter fast approaching I felt inspired to make my first patchwork quilt-cover for S's new "big kid" bed.   This is my first attempt at anything like this and I was gratified to find that it was a relatively simple, quick project.  Two evenings, max.

For the top, I used large alternating strips of cotton and corduroy, and on the back, a light-weight cotton canvas.  It snaps at the bottom and inside is a large fleece-y folded blanket.  Super warm and cozy.  Winter, do your worst.

This weekend we got around to a few bigger projects; S had his first try at painting a wall, and subsequently asked to do a bit of painting on his own.....

Meanwhile, I've been trying to figure out a creative way to re-use the paint-chip cards we seem to acquire by the handful whenever we undertake a painting project.  This worked well; first, some work with the scissors done by bigger hands:

Followed by some pasting, placing, and multi-media artwork done by little hands:

Beautiful!  As soon as that last coat dries, this will be hung in our newly-painted bathroom.


Katharine Noel said...

yay, bibs! says new nephew. And congratulations on finding a source for organic clothing!

Seedling said...

I only just saw this comment -- thanks, Kat!