Friday, January 14, 2011

I've been making....

Kat and Margs, stop reading now.  Or at least until your packages arrive.

Loads of "ice cream." Meaning frozen berries, frozen banana and a tiny bit of cream or milk, blended until smooth.  If you happen to be 3 and 1, this is just as good as real ice cream.  If you happen to be (nearly) 31, it's pretty good too.


Some birthday handmades for a nephew about to turn 1.  I love the wool pinstripe on these teeny tiny pants.  This was my first attempt making these (based on the design from Lotta Jansdotter's "Simple Sewing For Baby" but with cuffs turned out rather than in.)  And hey! I followed another pattern!  It gets a little less scary each time.

Some super soft charcoal-grey merino scarves for my sisters, who are in more wintery climes. I love the stretch of this material -- it tucks into itself so nicely, making it extra cozy.

A pillow made from a vintage tea towel.

 And leftover from Christmas, an example of the embroidered bookmarks I made for family (this one is my husband's.)  I had Solomon draw a portrait of each person on fabric and then I embroidered, added interfacing, and stiched them up (this idea is straight out of Amanda Soule's "The Creative Family.")  Some of turned out a bit large, but that's ok, my family reads really big books.

I'm really enjoying spending time out in my studio making just for us -- low-pressure and fun.

xx Jen

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