Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Creative Space

I won't hold back:  I'm feeling really proud of myself.  Know why?  I followed a sewing pattern!   I did everything -- the measuring, the finishing of edges, the pocket.  Everything!  I know it probably doesn't sound like a big deal to you veteran craftsters, but for me, this was huge.  I only figured out how to thread my sewing machine about a year ago and during my short history of sewing I've mostly had what a friend described as a "rip sh*t and bust" attitude toward projects.  I am both impatient and very stubborn.  I'll finish a project no matter what (and usually as quickly as possible) even if it's a total disaster.  Funny, the contrast between my take on sewing and my approach to print-making (where I'm incredibly slow and detail-oriented.)  Anyway, using a pattern and actually reading the directions took a little while, but hey -- look!  Something we can actually use!  And it (probably, hopefully) won't disintegrate in the wash!  Who would have thought?

This is the "Simple Dress" out of Lotta Jansdotter's lovely Simple Sewing for Baby.  Next, "Simple Pants."  There's no stopping me now.

(Full disclosure -- this is actually the second time I managed to follow a pattern.  The first was a few days ago, with a much simpler pot-holder pattern:

On the left, my own version, sans pattern.  On the right, pattern followed -- this little comparison was enough to convert me.)

What else?  I've done some work refurbishing a child's art desk that I found the same day I found the doll's house at the flea market.  The two cost $20, combined.  I do love the flea market -- and clearly it loves me back.

And finally, some baking.

Pumpkin ginger cake,  Anzac biscuits, and no-knead bread -- our starchy mainstays of the moment.

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Cal said...

I have a hard time following patterns too... I try hard, but sometimes just end up improvising half-way through!

Nikki said...

I won a pattern in a giveaway and have been too lazy to give it a go :)

Seedling said...

Yes, I'm a big improviser too -- I think of it as "creative problem solving." I've been totally intimidated by following patterns (the math, the exactness, the unfamiliar terms)but I promised myself I'd follow a pattern before Christmas. Done, and now the sewing machine has been put away for the foreseeable future. Good to have a bit of a break from prints, but now I'm ready to get back into it.... xx

Tracey said...

great work, looks fabulous! That bread looks scrumptious!

becclebee said...

i'm pretty rubbish at following patterns too. and i am a bit too have-a-go in my take to sewing. often this results in not so much disaster as never finished projects. so well done for following a pattern through to the end. and what a great pattern too - such a cute dress!

PaisleyJade said...

Wow - you have been super creative! Love the outfit - I haven't attempted to sew from a pattern yet (shocking I know!!).

Jennie said...

Oh I so know where you are coming from re - following patterns! I just can't cope with the terminology. Thats why I don't make clothes - just draw out my own patterns for toys!
It looks great - you must be so pleased to have followed a pattern - I would! (if i had the guts to have a go!)x

Amanda said...

Yeah for you, following a pattern can be a real mental barrier. I still find those that I can't follow and it is all to hard and I have been sewing for years.

Seedling said...

You amazing creative women are making me feel so much better. Good to know I'm not alone with my pattern hang-ups! Thank you so much for your sweet comments.... xx Jen