Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Good To Be Reminded

A few months ago, I read a post on one of my favorite blogs, Simple Mom, called "Use the Good Stuff."  It's something I've thought of often since.  The post describes something I'm sure many of us do -- fail to use our favorite things because they're so precious that we're holding out for a perfect occasion worthy of their specialness.  I do this with all sorts of things -- my favorite perfume, nice sweaters, jewelery, cups, kids' clothing, even food.  Why is it that the stuff I love the most is the least used?  What am I waiting for?  It seems especially ridiculous with something like my daughter's dresses -- she'll only fit into them for a matter of months anyway, why not get as much use out of my favorite ones as possible?  Since reading the post and recognizing in myself this habit of pleasure-hoarding, I've made a conscious effort to use the things I love.  I certainly don't want to look back and wish I had.....

At any rate, it's a fabulous post (and Simple Mom is a fabulous blog.)  If you have the time to read it, find the post here.

Another good bloggy reminder was in a post I read yesterday on Kitchen Stewardship called, "Seeking Simplicity: Child's Play is a Job Well Done."  The post discusses how games children used to play stemmed from real-life activities, and that as a culture, we've removed play from life-skills.  Giving my children real dough to play with (not only play-doh) or allowing them their own (safe) cleaning and gardening tools will set them up for being comfortable with real-life tasks down the road.  I include my kids in gardening, cleaning and baking as often as possible and as they get older I want to provide more expansive opportunities for them to play at "work," even when it takes longer, creates a bit of a mess, or requires patient supervision and direction.    It's simply a mental shift from "this is a grown-up activity" to "let's find a way for you to participate too...."

And finally, I'm loving the tips that readers are leaving in the comments section of the giveaway.  I've already put one into action!  Lou from Seaside Siblings wrote:  My tip: tie buffers to your crawling baby's knees, so they polish the floor for you... just joking. Um, I think my best tip is to leave a little jar on your toilet windowsill, with a few drops of eucalyptus or lavender oil and a little water in it. Will keep toilet smelling lovely and fresh all week.  I love this one!  I use lavender all over the house -- for cleaning, in the bath, on my pillow -- but for some reason this use had never occurred to me.  This morning, I put a vintage glass on the windowsill with about 10 drops of lavender oil and a little water.  A great way to make a little nicer an oft-neglected space.  Thanks, Lou.

(Yup, that's my toilet!  On my blog for the world to see.  Who would have thought?)

I know I keep bringing up the giveaway, but please do stop by and leave a favorite tip if you haven't yet.  Entries will end Saturday.


Christine said...

I have to agree! We have to use the things we love or we'll never really enjoy them!

And as for the kids I'm sure they get the most enjoyment out of helping out & playing "house"....my kids are always so happy to help get their tools out and weed the gardens & make me cups of tea (full of dirt)...that's the way kids should be :)

Seedling said...

Absolutely. One of the projects I'm really looking forward to over the summer is creating a digging/gardening space for the kids. Right now "building sites" often intersect with vegetable sites -- they so love getting into the dirt and watching things grow I think it's about time they had their own little corner of the garden.