Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Checking in.....

Okay, I admit it: I've totally fallen off the wagon with Blogtoberfest.  On the plus side, my work in the studio has been prolific and I'm feeling fantastic about the output.  This is what it comes down to: something's got to give.  I have two little sleepless wonders  -- one of whom, thanks to daylight savings, prefers to get up at dawn with the birds, and isn't in bed for the night until about 8pm, and the other who wakes several times in between.  When I have so little time and energy to work, the studio wins over the computer hands down.   Also, it's beautiful outside and I've been preferring to spend any other leisure time I can muster going for walks or playing outdoors.

I doubt that the point of Blogtoberfest was to turn me against blogging, but the pressure to sit down every day and post has made it a chore.  So, in the interest of my sanity, and to preserve my good feelings about blogging, I hereby discharge myself from Blogtoberfest.  Like someone who jumps into a marathon without training or foresight, I've totally hit a wall.  I feel a bit guilty for letting go of my commitment, but I'm telling myself that it's fine -- it's my blog and I get to decide what's best. 

To keep things from being too gloomy and boring, here's a picture of a rainbow (refracted by a glass of water in my window) in the dishwashing bubbles.  Totally mundane, but pretty all the same. 

Congratulations again to Beck, winner of the giveaway!   I'll probably be posting again sooner than I expect.....once the pressure is off, I'm sure I'll be teeming with ideas and enthusiasm for this space.  Until then..... xx


Mahka Crafts said...

No guilt- blogging everyday takes a lot more work then just sitting down and writting something for a few minutes. I get it. Enjoy the studio time- and hey it is the 26 so really you almost made it :)

Seedling said...

Thank you - - you're absolutely right, there's a lot that goes into blogging. Perhaps at a different stage of life, everyday blogging would work for me, but now is not that time. I did learn a lot from more frequent posting, and found many many great blogs and "join-along" posts during the month. So, certainly not a wasted effort! Thanks for your words of support. xx