Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Creative Space

This week, I've been working away on a custom order for some bigger (bigger being size 4) kids t-shirts.  The custom order, from a persistent and very friendly buyer was the inspiration for the big box of organic kids clothing I imported from the United States last week.  Sadly, I've been unable to source quality organic blanks in sizes larger than 18 months from New Zealand (if anyone reading this has ideas about that, I would love to hear them!)  The clothing I ordered is wonderful -- great colors and designs.  But....when taking into account exchange rates, shipping, import fees, and 12.5% (soon to be 15%) GST, well -- it seems as though I should keep searching for good alternatives closer to home.

Anyway, the custom order was for a Poppies print, a Hen print and a Fantail -- all except the Fantail are still in progress.  If I'm doing multiple layers of inks or detailing post-print, the prints can take a few days while I wait for each layer to dry.....The Grass shirt I've done at the top isn't part of the order, but I'm really loving the simplicity and the lushness of the greens against the natural white background.

About a week and a half in, I'm still (mostly) coffee-free.  I've had a cup once or twice (ok, twice) when going out to a cafe with friends, but otherwise it's been green tea for me.  Aren't I feeling virtuous!  Actually, I'm mostly just feeling good.  A bit calmer, a bit more hydrated, and counter intuitively a bit less tired.  My husband used up the beans we had in the house, so they haven't been a temptation.  Also, I've been making green tea with leaves in the press, so I've been able to retain some of that ritualistic feel I love so much.  I believe everything is fine in moderation; it's all about balance, right?

Kirsty from Kootoyoo is away this week,  but I'm sure lots of other bloggers will be keeping up the creative spirit on their own sites this Thursday all the same.


Karina said...

Jen, these are gorgeous and if you are doing bigger sizes I may just have to purchase a bigger one for one of my boys.

Seedling said...

Thanks Karina! Hope you guys have a great start to the holidays. xx

Donna T said...

Hmmmm surely that persistent but friendly customer is not me??!!!! Jen they look fantastic, what size is the grass one .... I love that one too.

Seedling said...

It IS you! How did you guess? I've been meaning to email you -- just put the finishing touches on the Hen top and nearly done with the Poppies print. Just waiting for the second layer to dry and will add a few more details. The grass top is size 6, but I have one more natural top in size 4. I'm really loving that one too! Will finish heat-setting and think everything should be ready for you on Sunday....I'm so glad you like the photos. Yay!

えみこ said...

Yes, moderation, moderation, and moderation :) I need to tell myself that too!

BTY, my 6 year old daughter is wearing the white tee with the flowers today. LOVE it!

Seedling said...

That's awesome Emiko! I'm so glad that you guys love the tee. xx