Wednesday, June 30, 2010

We've Arrived.

 We're here!  After a 24-hour flight, a week of stopover in Portland, Oregon, and a 12 hour drive through the western states we've arrived in heaven (also known as summertime in Montana.)   This is where we'll be spending the majority of our time during our trip and also where we'll celebrate our marriage come August.  My family has a house on a lake here.... a place very dear to my heart, it was built by my great-grandparents, immigrants from Lithuania.  Though it's been a few years since our last visit, upon arrival it feels as though we never left.  Just as with a few rare and magical friendships, it seems we can pick up exactly where we left off, regardless of how much actual time has passed. 

I thought I might use the rest of this post to share a few photos from the drive -- one I've been doing for 18 years, but never fails to stun me anew with its breathtaking beauty and inherent sense of Americana.  We stopped at a roadside diner in Ritzville for BLTs, burgers, and homemade pie; we drove through a tiny, one-street town aptly named "Paradise;" we passed countless farms and roadside fruit stalls....It was a good drive, getting better and better as we came closer to our destination, recognizing important landmarks and finally, thrillingly, spotting the lake as we crested a hill.

I love the additions of the windmills through the Columbia Gorge.  There's something truly majestic and beautiful about them.   No aesthetic objections here -- a far better sight than pollution any day.

P.s. I spent the more peaceful parts of our drive today reading this amazing, brilliant book, which happens to be written by my brother-in-law, Eric.   I literally could have kept my nose in the novel through the entire, gorgeous drive but it was also an enormous treat to put it aside until our arrival and savor the final chapters as I nursed my babe to sleep.  The late sunset outside, the sound of crickets chirping through the open windows, the last, satisfying pages of a wonderful book.  Bliss.


えみこ said...

Beautiful pictures!!
Enjoy your time in Montana :)

Little Kiwi Chick said...

Welcome back to the USA :o) I am a Kiwi living in the Midwest... I was interested to read about your family's house on the lake in Montana! Sounds lovely. We have driven through the Western states before - incredible scenery. Enjoy your time and the summer weather!

Seedling said...

Thank you and thank you! It's WONDERFUL to be here. Definitely soaking up every ounce of summer -- after the dark of winter, it feels as though we've stepped into a technicolor world a la The Wizard of Oz. Still almost can't believe we're here, but we are! Thank you for your lovely comments. xx

imba said...

Fantastic trip! Wow! I hope your time there continues to be truly wonderful. You'll be missed here in the blogosphere! I hope you can still post now and again - I enjoy reading your blog :-)

Seedling said...

Thank you Catherine! And I love keeping up with you on yours as well....the collection of baby clothes you've just made is stunning!