Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Book Bliss

I recently celebrated one of those big birthdays ending in "0."  It was a quiet affair -- I'm not at a point in my life where I'm likely to throw a raging party, nursing babies and all.  So, instead my husband took the day off of work -- we went out for coffee and Chelsea buns.  We went for a walk on the beach.  He made me a lovely dinner after the babes were asleep.....

And then a few weeks later I received a very exciting package from one of my sisters. (Belated gifts are the best!  Why not extend the celebration for as long as possible?)  Inside were two wonderful, perfect books:

Whoo-hoo!  Who needs raging parties?  Books are the bomb.  Since I'm just getting off the ground with Seedling Clothing, The Handmade Marketplace, by Kari Chapin, and beautifully illustrated by Emily Martin and Jen Skelley, is already answering so many of my burning questions.  How to take better photos...the importance of setting goals....building a crafting community.... And that's only the first few chapters.  I am so grateful for this book.  I couldn't have come at a better time.

And then Lotta Jansdotter's gorgeous Simple Sewing for Baby.   Chock full of inspiring projects, clearly explained and beautifully photographed.  Plus, it includes patterns!  I may actually attempt to follow one.  Ms. Jansdotter's designs, textiles, and photos fill me with a sense of well-being.  Truly, could you ask for anything more from a book?

I think we may be a bit past some of these with baby A (the Snuggler, for instance); fortunately, we're still planning to add a few more ankle biters to the family.  Give it a few years -- I might even be pattern-savvy by then.

At any rate, I feel wonderfully prepared to embark on this next decade with these fantastic books on my bedside table.  Thank you lovely sister!


Kelly said...

My 30th passed in much the same way - I don't really feel conmfortable being the centre of attention but I would have liked 'something' from my husband but no - it was just another day for him.

Isn't your sister a gem sending those books - books are great presents!

えみこ said...

I know those books!! I have debating myself whether to get "Simple Sewing for Baby" (my kids are way pass this phase, but things in the book are so CUTE, aren't they?).

I agree, books are the best gift! Just went to my favorite book store, Powell's today :) Books make me happy.

Please share your new project here when you try something out of the book.

Rhiannon said...

Happy belated birthday!
Your sister is so kind to send such a thoughtful (and useful!) gift.
I've been eyeing up the handmade market place book for a wee while now. I'd love to hear more about it as you make your way through it : )

Seedling said...

Oooh, Powells! I can't wait to get back there. I could easily spend a happy day amongst all those books.

Will definitely post any projects I manage to complete and my thoughts about Handmade Marketplace as I continue to read. Thanks for the comments everyone!

Mel @ Wildflower said...

What a truly lovely way to spend your day :).
I've just recently started following Kari's blog and her book sounds amazing.

vintagequeen - nina said...

what a nice way to say happy birthday.. and yes those birthday gifts are best.. i love love LOVE books and these look fantaboulus!
have a happy-moving-on-for-another-few-weeks birthday!
(my hubby turned 30 yesterday and as he had to work he was all 'I don't want to do anything' .. maybe a small party this weekend)

Seedling said...

Mel, I've just found her blog too. I think the book is definitely something that the creative community was really hungering for. So far, so good. Nina, happy birthday to your man! Loving the photos on your blog as well. I hope the scarf arrives soon...