Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pass it On.....

Yesterday, while browsing the lovely blogs from Kiwi Mummy Blogs, this post from Dear Colleen caught my eye:

I got an email this morning from Rebecca Marshall a student who follows me on facebook. She was just asking for five minutes to help her with a project. When I was studying I was forever trying to get people to help me with this sort of thing so I really understand what an uphill struggle it can be. 

CAN YOU HELP? Here's the brief: 
The theme is "because we are all different and need different things"....and she needs participants to write anything they want, on anything they like (on the above theme). then scan or photograph it and email it to her by hum, sorry tuesday.  (From Jen: actually, this deadline has been extended - - Friday of this week, but the earlier the better.)
The above is what Colleen creatively came up with, but all I did was take a photo from my sketchbook - - a note I'd written to myself the night before about some things I want to refocus on.  I titled it "wishes," but I think of these as needs.

 This really only took me a few minutes.  Like Colleen, I well remember being a student and trying to get help for these sorts of things.   If you have something you think could help Rebecca, please email by Friday at: iamrebecca@live.com

Also, if you are so inclined, feel free to re-post this, and widen the circle of helpers. 

Thank you so much!!

P.S.  Rebecca is not only an art student, but a new mother as well.  Kudos to her!  I am so impressed.


dear colleen said...

thank you so much for for taking up the post. It would be really great if someone took it on from you and adding their piece... a blog pass the parcel if you like:)

imba said...

I liked reading your wishes. And smiled inwardly that someone else, too, makes little lists to themself ;-)

I've added a post on my blog, too.

Seedling said...

Ha! Yes, I would be completely lost without my lists and notes to myself. Good to hear I'm not alone...

I really liked your post, Imba. Space -- definitely! I'll have to add it to the list.

angelina said...

love the coffee cup!

Seedling said...

I agree -- the cup is definitely what caught my eye when I first saw Colleen's post. She's obviously a quick thinker!