Thursday, May 5, 2011

On the Move

It's done:  after months of being on the market we've just gone unconditional on the sale of our house.  Hurrah!  Now that it's all behind us, I can see in retrospect how stressful and all-consuming this process has been.  I've felt a complete lack of creativity for some time now, but as soon as we got the final word, I felt a sudden urge to get back into the studio.  If was as though I was putting all of my energy into the project of selling the house, and as soon as I was able to put my mind at rest, everything else relaxed and opened up.  I'm spending as much time out in the studio as possible before we go -- tying up loose ends, finishing WIPs, and working on one last custom order.  A bittersweet leaving.  Feeling happy and lucky that this move has all worked out and sad to leave the spaces that I love so much.

We'll move into a rental now while we begin the long process of looking and saving for a piece of land in the country.  While the rental we've found is incredibly beautiful and has many wonderful merits, it does not have a studio space.  I'm not sure where exactly this leaves Seedling Clothing -- whether I will be taking an extended hiatus, or whether the business will evolve in some other direction.

 An enormous thank you to everyone who has supported me here on the blog and also in other venues like Facebook or through my Felt and Etsy shops.  You've been amazing!  Will certainly keep you updated as my ideas develop and we've resettled.

All the best,  Jen  xx